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Raheem Morris to be Named Defensive Coordinator

The man many of us were hoping would be promoted was. Secondary coach Raheem Morris will take over for Monte Kiffin at defensive coordinator following the 2008 season.

Morris had been rumored to be Kiffin's successor for quite some time, but now it's a reality. This Bucs' fan is very happy. Morris has been in the Tampa system for quite some time now and knows the ins and outs of the Tampa 2. He should be able to make the transition fairly seamless.

Head coach Jon Gruden had the following to say about Morris:

"I like this defense. I believe in it, and certainly believe in Raheem Morris. I believe he'll be outstanding. I'm a big energy believer. I like guys with juice. I think you have to be a leader. I think you have to be able to motivate and stimulate these guys, relate to them -- veterans, young players. He knows the kind of players we're looking for. He knows the routine here in terms of what it takes to play in this system."

Thanks to TheUltimateBucFan for passing on this news.