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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Playoff Bound? Do you care?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are (9-3) with the final quarter of the season remaining to be played. Despite the record, the performances from week to week have really been a mixed bag: The Bucs spanked the Falcons and Panthers, got up ended by the Broncos, nearly lost to the Chiefs, and the Detroit Lions gave them a bigger fight than could be expected from a winless club. With that said, it appears at least a Wild Card appearance is in the cards considering the free fall the Redskins have recently experienced. Obviously all we want is for this team to make the Playoffs year in and year out, anything else is icing on the cake, but what’s your confidence level in this team and their Playoffs chances?

I’m not overly confident in this team’s chances should they make the playoffs, but I have to admit that I feel they have a better shot at advancing then they did last season. I’ve never seen this team comeback to win so many ball games in a season. Whether that will help them against the New York Giants of the world is a question to be answered when the challenge presents itself. Its games like the Dallas Cowboys match-up that stop me from getting overly excited about a Playoff run. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic as a fan to see my team be so successful and potentially make a Playoff berth two years in a row, but I’m not going to Vegas on their odds for a Super bowl run. How about you? Do you feel this team has a shot in the Playoffs?