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Monte Kiffin Headed to Tennessee

The man himself has confirmed it. Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin will be joining his son at the University of Tennessee.

In the end, family won out.

"It boiled down to one thing: It was your son, and that's what it is."

Kiffin broke the news to the team on Wednesday and said it was one of the toughest decisions he's had to make.

"I told them kind of what I'm telling you. I said, 'Guys, this was a tough decision. I went back and forth. I said I just want you to know now. I didn't think it was right to keep carrying it out.'"

Losing Kiffin is tough news to swallow given all he's done for the team over the years. Luckily for us, he's taught so many of his assistants over time and hopefully someone can step in without the Bucs missing a beat.