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Jeff Garcia limited in practice, listed as questionable for Sunday

Jeff Garcia was limited in practice today (calf) and is listed as questionable on the injury report for Sunday's tilt in Atlanta.  Gruden said he hoped Garcia would be better in a day or two, but the team is making backup plans, with Luke McCown or Griese to get the nod if Garcia can't go, depending on the status of Griese's elbow. 

Sigh.  Crikey.  Bad times.  I have never been enamored with any of our backups or their ability to throw the ball more than 15 yards down the field.  Bryant has been spectacular, but to quote the disgruntled Terrell Owens, he "can't throw and catch the ball" himself.    If Jeff can't go, expect to see Atlanta engage 8 defenders often to make McCown/Griese prove they can hit some big plays and beat them.  The staff will have to create a hell of a gameplan.  My humble suggestion: you haven't utilized Jerramy Stevens NEARLY enough.  Use him.  Use him again.  Split him out wide.  Send him on seam routes.  Get him in some favorable matchup situations.  He needs to be a key part of the offense on Sunday, especially on 3rd down and in the red zone.