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Saturday notes: Caddy's Return and Potential Roster Moves

Well, it's the bye week.  Things have been pretty quiet over at One Buc Place.  No word on Caddy's practice.  He had individual workouts with scout team players at the team facility as the team rested up this week, so there's nothing to report on his status.   Should he be activated, the Bucs will have to trim the 53-man roster to accomodate him, which is always a difficult thing to do in the middle of the season when you have injuries at key positions and backups are vital.  The Times offers some suggestions, including dropping Josh Johnson, which I disagree with, and placing B.J. Askew on IR, which I strongly disagree with.  Jameel Cook is a load, but he's no Askew.  When healthy, Askew's a mangler and a hell of a lead blocker.  I think you keep him active and hope to get him back by the last quarter of the season.  Askew's return would greatly boost the running game, which this team needs to get going to beat the Panthers, Saints, Falcons, and Chargers down the stretch. 

It looks like the Bucs see Johnson having a future with the team, so it seems unnecessarily risky to waive him and hope he'll clear waivers and make it to the practice squad.  Also, since the Bucs have stuck with him through 10 weeks so far on the 53 man without being active for a single game, it seems like they're willing to stick with him absent dire circumstances, which I don't think they're in yet. 

If you're looking for a player to cut, it's likely to come from the RB/WR positions.  My candidates to cut would be Michael Bennett first, then Brian Clark, and then, even though I like the guy, Dexter Jackson.  You can't go less than 2 deep at any position on defense.  The offensive line is already thin and can't shed any depth.  TE John Gilmore is 3rd on the depth chart, but hell, he's been productive this year with 120 rec yds and a score.  If you've got a healthy and active Cadillac, Graham, Dunn, and Clifton Smith, Bennett becomes expendible.  He had the perfect opportunity to show off his stuff last week and should've been the go to guy last week with Graham dinged up, but Clifton Smith got more touches while Bennett only gained a measly yard on two carries before getting the hook.  That spoke volumes.  Also, if they release him, they could probably bring him back later if needed.  Brian Clark is at the bottom of the depth chart this year and only has one catch for 12 yards this year.  However, he's bigger, a better blocker, and more of an actual receiver than Dexter Jackson, so that, coupled with attrition at the WR position due to injury to Stovall and Galloway's nagging foot injury, could keep him around.  DJax has struggled terribly to learn Gruden's system and has fizzled in the return game and been replaced by Clifton Smith.  Hopefully the clock's not ticking on his time with the team because he's got the potential to be good in the return game.... if his psyche isn't shattered already.

What would you guys do? 


The Bucs ended up dropping WR Brian Clark, Signing S Donte Nicholson, and signing Clark to the Practice Squad (after he passed through waivers unclaimed), what'd-i-tell-ya?  Adding Caddy would still require another move.