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Week 12 fallout: Bucs starting to earn some respect

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Well... from some of the talking/writing heads, anyways.  CBS put the Bucs in 4th in their latest power rankings.  ESPN puts the Bucs in 5th... FOX also has them 5th.  Pretty high praise from networks who typically bury Bucs' highlights at the end of their shows.

Last week I asked for 4 quarters of perfect football against a crappy team... and I got 3.  Good enough, I suppose.  Hard to complain when your team is in 1st place.  The Bucs showed off a little bit of everything Sunday..... gamebreaking returns, pick 6, Solid 6 ypc running attack with Dunn, strong pass rush (against a statue, but still...), short passing game, deep passing game, etc, etc, etc.  I like it.  Keep the good times rolling against the Saints.