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Fantasy Football Update: Clinging to Life Support

Let's get to it... There's only 6 weeks left in the Fantasy Football Season and teams continue to fall by the waist side: My humble team is one loss away from being completely eliminated from Playoff contention, my opponent this week? League Leader Sendawg (9-2), sweet mercy take it easy on me... Don't laugh Bull Gator, you've been eliminated for Division contention as well, so i guess we are both clinging for life support and praying the AWOL NoahChestNut hits a rut. Alright enough crying here's the current FleaFlicker Standings:

Division 3 appears to be the most intriguing division for the stretch run. WBC and LJTaylor were once world beaters in the division, but at (6-5) collectively, they have a surging competitor in LinuxTx (5-6). Good luck with the chase Tex! Sendawg has already clinched the Wild Card, but he shouldn't need that with the cans he's been opening on opponents this season. I'd be remiss if I didnt point out Buc Beast's three game winning streak and his ability to potentially take over the division from front runner Ghosthippo.. Do what you do boy!!

Good stuff fellas... Set those rosters!!!!