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Fantasy Football Week 10 Results

The Fantasy Football Season keeps on chugging along. This week The Bull Gator handed Ghosthippo his second loss of the season leaving him atop the league with Sendawg who also has two losses. Speaking of Sendawg, he has reeled off three wins in a row, way to go man. I'm secretly hoping you meet your demise however, as its the only chance i have at saving face in the league. It pains me to say it, but I'm pulling for Ghosthippo in your match-up of top dogs this weekend... Here's the results in the league thus far:

Fleaflicker has been a fun league to be a part of, but there is one issue i have with the Fantasy Football provider: It's Add/Drop feature. First of all, get rid of the rating system in which players can pick up a player. If someone goes to pick up a player, he should be awarded that player should he be the first to claim him. My second complaint and the more serious of the two is having to wait a week to have players that have been added/dropped to officially clear the roster. What is that? I'm sitting there Sunday and my Tight Ends are a no go, so i attempt to add Daniel Graham just prior to kickoff, does he immediately join my team? Heck no, he gets added once the league resets itself after Monday Night Football. I'll admit I have a foggy memory, but I'm pretty sure allows you to add players in real time. This doesnt stop me from enjoying the league, its just a major annoyance for slackers like me who wait til the last minute for everything. Moving on...

Gangplank, I hate to break it to you buddy, but you've already been eliminated from the Fantasy Football Playoffs in Week 10! WoW! Guess you truly are playing to be the spoiler. You're not alone however, although he hasnt been eliminated from the Playoffs, he has been eliminated from a first round bye, Dunnfann. I'd laugh even harder, but I'm soon to be in the same boat as you fellas.

Update your rosters!!!