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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting Quartererback will be...

Brian Griese did not throw a single pass in today’s practice and sat out the morning walk through, he may or may not practice tomorrow. That folks is a strong indication that QB Jeff Garcia will once again be the starting Quarterback of this football team. It’s funny how split the fan base is on our two signal callers. Half want Griese despite his propensity to throw interceptions because he has a winning record and the other half want Garcia because he’s a pro bowl quarterback who is the better overall quarterback. We shall see this Sunday. Here’s what I would like to see from Garcia:

I’d LOVE to see Jeff Garcia step up in the pocket. Griese made that a habit and he escaped getting sacked for two straight weeks, there’s a reason for that and Garcia will find that reason if he remains in the pocket by letting go of his happy feet.

Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy, I want to see Garcia thread his passes to the receivers. He was very accurate Sunday in mop up duties, but he also averaged less than 10 yards per pass. Griese is the dink and dunk master and Garcia should prove that he’s able to get the ball down the field to receivers not named Joey Galloway.

Limit the mistakes, Garcia threw three interceptions in thirteen games last season, he has the ability to eliminate mistakes and I hope he proves that Sunday. Obviously don’t hold back for fear of a turnover, but be smart with the football.

This is more of a prayer than a request considering he has little to no control over it, but throw the ball away or slide when running when its apparent you’re going to get blown up by a defender aka Julius Peppers. The injuries are downright ridiculous and the permanent wrap on your hand should be reminder to avoid the big hit at all costs.

If the last request was more of a prayer, then this request is a plea: When Gruden trots DJax out there for an obvious decoy play, call an audible and hit DJax on a deep route. Make the ball catch DJax, that way the fan base can get excited about a speed threat, Gruden will realize he has a speed threat, and it’s only going to pad your stats for that contract your seeking in the off-season (he he).

What do you guys expect of Jeff Garcia this weekend?