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We barely knew thee: A look at the NFC South Standings

NFC South Standings

Carolina 4 1 0 114 70
Tampa Bay 3 2 0 114 94
Atlanta 3 2 0 117 107
New Orleans 2 3 0 138 130

(updated 10.7.2008 at 10:48 AM EDT)

Rather than just spit my own personal venom about the other teams within the NFC South and their current standing, I thought I would allow our NFC South Bloggers who cover their respective teams let you know how their weekend's match-up went:

Canal Street Chronicles:
If you guys are looking for something to make you feel better this morning after that horrible loss I don't think you're gonna find it here. This one was very tough and energy draining. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last 4 hours, the end of which has led to me being pissed off. I am heart breaux-ken. You should be too.

Cat Scratch Reader:
This one was over early as the Panthers (4-1) beat the Chiefs (1-4) in about every phase of the game. On offense they ran for 205 yards, passed for 2 TD's and controlled the ball for almost 40 minutes. The defense was even more impressive as they held Chiefs running back Larry Johnson to two yards rushing, yes, two yards and the Chiefs to 36 yards total. They harassed QB Damon Huard and his WR's, stuffed the running game at every turn and hauled in two interceptions. I was worried about the Panthers having a let down but instead they took care of business, putting away the hapless Chiefs with a balanced offensive attack and a stifling defense.

The Falcoholic:
This season has turned into a rollercoaster. Last week I was bitter and angry about the way the game against the Panthers, and this week I have a spring in my step and a song in my heart after we edged the Packers. There's simply no figuring out how this team will play from week to week. One thing is clear, however. The Falcons are a better team than perhaps any of us would've given them credit for, and if they continue to build on their young core they could be in contention for the division lead sooner than I would have ever imagined. It's definitely a great feeling.

Both Dave's described their days as a 'Rollercoaster' hmmm I'm sensing collusion or it could just be a coincidence. I'm leaning toward collusion though as the world is obviously against me (Bucs, Mets, etc). Moving on, the Panthers are absolutely cruising at this point, wow. I'm not looking forward to Sunday's game. With that said, its probably one of those games Gruden pulls out of the sky. We shall see. Back to the Falcons though, Congrats guys. I hate the Falcons as much as the next guy, but i am ecstatic that you guys are fielding a competitive team and not just a competitive team, a potential contender (in a year or two). Good work, you're loving Matty Ice arent you? He He.. Raise your hand if you thought the Saints would be (2-3) right now? Ha!

If you're into spying on the competition, be sure to checkout their blogs: Cat Scratch Reader (Carolina Panthers Blog), The Falcoholic (Atlanta Falcons Blog), and Canal Street Chronicles (New Orleans Saints Blog).