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Fantasy Football Update: Oh the pain...

I feel like I've been 'Sucker Punched' thanks to this Fleaflicker Fantasy Football League we have. I'm 6th in the league in points so my (2-3) record shouldnt surprise me, but it does. Okay so maybe it doesnt, ha! This league does appear to be ultra competitive though. Once again Ghosthippo took care of business (damn you Drew Brees) on his way to being (5-0) on the season. He walloped yours truly to continue his gawdy success. Speaking of success: He is the only UNDEFEATED Fantasy Football player in the league. It appears (6-0) is a real possibility next week for him as well as he plays (1-4) LinuxTx. Come on Big Texas rock his gored.

Sorry Sendawg, Ghosthippo stands alone at the top as you were taken out by LJTaylor, way to take 'em down LJT... The other successful team thus far? Tenacious Lee coming out of nowhere with a three game win streak, it feels just like yesterday that i was railing on you sir. Nice work!!

Enough of the success stories... Stixx! My man, (0-5)? Winless? Ha! Don't worry man you're not alone at the bottom, oh no, The Bull Gator is (1-4) as is LinuxTx... yikes!! Sorry to call you guys out, in a few weeks I'll be ripping myself it appears.

Well there you have it. Update those rosters and get ready for the carnage.

This Fantasy Football League is brought to you by Fleaflicker and the good folks at AOL Fanhouse...