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Know thy Enemy: Kansas City Chiefs Fan Perspective

This week Buc 'Em and Arrowhead Pride will collide when its two teams face off on Sunday at 1:00 pm Est. Until then we are partnering to bring you all of the answers you need about this week's rapidly approaching match-up:

You'll notice in each site's 'Fan Post' Section a post beckoning for questions about the authors respective team. If you happen to have a question be sure to submit it in the Fan Post. If you would like to share your knowledge with others head over to Arrowhead Pride and reply to any questions the fan base there might have.

My only caveat is that you act responsibly, don't drink and blog, it gets nasty and even more nasty... Alright begone... share your knowledge or learn something why dont you!!

This isn't a must win game for the Bucs, but if they don't win this ball game, ah may the storm clouds formulate. The Chiefs are (1-6) and very beatable. I don't expect domination, I expect a game much like the Cowboys match-up, as this game is on the road and the Bucs will have a pressing attitude on the field. Should be interesting...