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Fantasy Football Shocker in Week 8... Congrats in order

WOW, who would have thought our winless wonder in GANGPLANK aka Stixx would have got off the snide with a win, not only with a win, but with a win over reigning Fantasy Football Champion, Awburn7; 71 to 63. Congratulations man!!! I thought you might go the distance winless; thankfully that was not to be. Now that you've finally got a 'W' keep 'em coming. Here's a look at the standings:

You know its a wacky week when Gangplank got a win along with me and The Bull Gator, sheesh. As you can see above 'Division 1' ran the table this weekend and 'Division 3' felt the brunt of that domination. Ghosthippo continued his success as did Sendawg. At the very least this league has and appears to be becoming more and more competitive which should make for an interesting stretch run. One more time, Congrats Stixx, well deserved win my man.

Don't forget to set your rosters!