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Injury Report: Cadillac Williams, B.J. Askew, Joey Galloway oh my

Here’s a report that’s become synonymous with Head Coach Jon Gruden’s tenure in Tampa, the Walking Wounded Report:

Gruden on RB Carnell Williams (Returning from torn patellar tendon):

"We didn’t have the helmets on, but it was good to have him back out there. It was uplifting to everybody. The journey has begun. It was great to have him back. He looked pretty good. He took a lot of the service squad reps. We’re going to try to increase his playing stamina and give him some looks as a runner and receiver and as a blitz pickup guy. Football will come back quick to him, but his playing strength and his stamina, those kinds of things we’ll try to monitor and help him along with. I was emotional seeing him out there. You take football away from Cadillac Williams, you take a big part of him away. He’s missed the game and I’ve missed him, our team has missed him." - Tampa Tribune

I get the sense Gruden and Company are just seeing what they have in Caddy. There’s no way in the world that this guy is able to attend one week of practices and then get thrown into the fire. No Way! I think they bring Caddy along slowly with the intention to use him in the event of an injury. I don’t think Gruden has any reason to throw Carnell into the fray at this point in the season. He’s done crazier things though so we will see.

Gruden on RB Warrick Dunn (Pinched Nerve in back):

"He’s limited. He participated a little bit in the walk-through, but we are concerned." - Tampa Tribune

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dunn get reps against the Cowboys this weekend. He’s just a competitor like that. I am surprised the Bucs don’t just sit Dunn in favor of Michael Bennett who has been used sparingly (understatement of the day) this season. There’s no point in potentially increasing Warrick’s injury when you have a more than serviceable back waiting in the wings.

Gruden on FB B.J. Askew (Hamstring):

"He returned today, first time in over a month he was on the field. This is a game where you’re going to have to change directions. Zach Thomas, Bradie James, you’ve got to be able to redirect, you’ve got to be able to put your foot in the ground, you’ve got to be able to play explosively. You’ve got to be injury-free and I don’t know what it looks like, other than we were happy to have him back out there." - Tampa Tribune

Two years in a row the injury bug has lit this guy up. When he’s on the field he’s indestructible it’s just a matter of getting him on the field. I don’t expect he’ll suit up against the Cowboys.

Gruden on WR Ike Hilliard (Concussion):

"[Hilliard wanting to return during the Seahawks game] That’s why he’s Ike Hilliard. That’s why he’s ‘third-and-Ike.’ He’s made a living between the hashes his whole career. He’s a great receiver and the first thing he says to me is, ‘Hey, that was just a good NFL hit. I’m alright." - Tampa Tribune

There’s no point in rushing back Ike. We have the Cowboys, Chiefs, and then a bye week. Gruden would do well by letting Ike and others (Caddy, Askew, Stovall, and even Galloway) rest up through the bye week. Sure it’s going to be tough to chug-along without them, but the teams done it up to this point in the season, what’s another two weeks?

No word on the return of WR Maurice Stovall (hamstring) or WR Joey Galloway (foot) to the lineup this week. Stovall didn’t practice at all this week and Joey’s been limited. Others who were limited in practice consist of: K Matt Bryant (hamstring), LS Andrew Economos (shoulder), QB Brian Griese (elbow), or LG Arron Sears (back). - Tampa Tribune