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We barely knew thee: A look at the NFC South

NFC South Standings

Carolina 5 2 0 147 104
Tampa Bay 5 2 0 161 107
Atlanta 4 2 0 139 127
New Orleans 3 4 0 179 163

(updated 10.21.2008 at 12:11 PM EDT)

Rather than just spit my own personal venom about the other teams within the NFC South and their current standing, I thought I would allow our NFC South Bloggers who cover their respective teams let you know how their weekend's match-up went:

Canal Street Chronicles:
This game was awful and miserable I am completely uninspired. This was definitely the worst loss of the season. Unlike the Saints other losses, this game was a blowout. The Saints just came out flat. Not sure whether its being on the road or what but they definitely don't seem to have the same intensity they do at home. Turnovers were the key in this game. The turning point of this game was Shockey's fumble. It was all downhill from there. The Saints have started a new turnover streak.

Cat Scratch Reader:
This game started auspiciously as the Panthers drove the field only to settle for a FG and then the Saints made quick work to the end zone to go up 7-3. ‘Enter the Panther' named Julius Peppers who came from the back-side on a TE screen to Jeremy Shockey and tomahawked the ball from his grip. The Panthers recovered, the offense quickly scored and never looked back. It was all Panthers from that point forward..

The Falcoholic:
With the Falcons at 4-2, brimming with confidence and gumption and other long words, this is not the time for the Falcons to have basically nothing to do for a week. I don't buy into momentum as much as many fans do, but the Falcons are undeniably on a roll right now. It seems a shame that they've got so much twiddling of thumbs ahead of them.

Gold Dave, gloom, gloom, and more gloom. How disappointing would it be if the Bucs were to lose to the Saints in match-up number two? Ugh demoralizing. Moving on, Jaxon, way to bounce back from a pretty heartless performance. Enjoy the final moments you have with JP in powder blue and silver, because he will be sporting Pewter and Red this off-season! Believe it! Red Dave, hell of a Bye Week sir. Your team cleaned up well and thats about all you can ask for. Good luck with the Eagles, that should be a tremendous test for your young squad!!

If you're into spying on the competition, be sure to checkout their blogs: Cat Scratch Reader (Carolina Panthers Blog), The Falcoholic (Atlanta Falcons Blog), and Canal Street Chronicles (New Orleans Saints Blog).