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Tampa Bay Rays in World Series tonight!!

The Tampa Bay Rays start their journey tonight when they face-off against the Philadelphia Phillies. The only thing better than the New York Mets making the World Series is the Tampa Bay Rays making the World Series, for me at least. Then of course the Phillies had to make an appearance, ugh. As much as I hate the Phillies they do have one heck of a team and this should prove to be an exciting World Series. You can catch all of the fan-to-fan action by heading over to DRaysBay or if you're one of those fans, The Good Phight, our Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies Blogs. Both guys do a fantastic job. If you don't pull for either team, but would like to learn more about each, head over to SBNation's MLB Post Season portal.

Go Devil Rays!!! Be sure to checkout the Live Game Thread at DRaysBay. Also, our very own Sendawg aka Seneca, has World Series Game 1 Tickets for sale! So I expect a full report on your experience man, its not everyday you get to attend a World Series of your favorite ball club. Soak up the ATMOSPHERE and come back to tell us about it!