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Week 7 Fleaflicker Fantasy Football Results: The Sky is falling

Where do I start? The NFL Season is rolling along as is our Community Fantasy Football League. Week 7 has ended A N D Ghosthippo (6-1) has rebounded nicely from his (.02) point loss last week. Awburn7 (5-2), last year's champ, is on a three game winning streak. Somebody needs to take old boy out. His opponent is not the one to do the deed however, as Stixx (0-7) is still winless going into this weekend, Rich you have to find one win this season, hopefully it doesnt come against me (2-5).

LJTaylor (5-2) takes on Ghosthippo (6-1) this week for the match-up of the week, ha! Should be a good game... Heading into the middle of the season this is pretty much make it or break it time... Speaking of that I've got some work to do, so Good luck everyone. Update your rosters and prepare for this weekends match-ups.

This message brought to you by AOL's Fanhouse and Fleaflicker!!!