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Tampa Bay Rays in the Playoffs: Game One vs Chicago White Sox Today!



Folks do NOT adjust your computer monitors. The Tampa Bay Rays have made it to the Playoffs!! Game #1 begins today against the Chicago White Sox at 2:30pm Est on TBS.

Being a Bucs fan I always felt like the Rays were my red headed step brother that, although i claimed him, i could never really take him seriously and accept him into the family and so there's always been a disconnect (being a ridiculous Mets Fan also stretched my ability to follow two teams closely). This organization has come a long way and there isnt a team in the American League that deserves the Playoffs more.

With that said, GOOD LUCK to the Rays!! Be sure to head over to DRaysBay, our Tampa Bay Devil Rays Blog, to share with other Rays Fans in this crazy Playoff run...