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Major League Baseball World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs Philadelphia Phillies

CONGRATULATIONS TAMPA BAY RAYS AND YOUR DEDICATED FAN BASE!!!! YOU'RE HEADED TO THE WORLD SERIES!!! What a season. I couldn't be happier for the Rays and their fan base. Who knew dropping the Devil and a jersey re-design would be so influential? Please, Please, Please take care of the pesky ass Philadelphia Phillies. That team has guys that deserve it for the most part (Rollins, Burrell, Utley, and Howard), but the scum that is Brett Myers ruins it for them. Plus as a Mets Fan I don't think I can stomach the aftermath of a Philadelphia Phillies World Series celebration. Not to mention all of the off-season gloating, ugh... So Let's Go Rays!!!

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Good luck fellas!! We'll be watching!!!