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An Identity??? Bueller? Bueller?

It may be convenient to say now, but since Gruden switched over to Griese after the New Orleans game, I felt like this was a team that couldn't be taken seriously offensively.  It's been a team that's completely lacked an offensive identity.  Are they a running team?  A passing team?  I'd say they look like a running team that thinks it's a passing team.   You've got no deep threat weapons with Galloway on the bench.  You've got a couple of creaky old veterans at WR.  You've got a solid offensive line and a bowling ball lining up behind them in Earnest Graham (who led the league in runs over 40 yds last I checked).  Dunn is a nice change of pace as well.  Plenty of size and depth at TE.  Thus.... why are you throwing it so damn much?  Run the friggin football, Gruden.  Those that argue that the short controlled passing game is as good as a toss sweep are nuts.  So much more can go wrong when you drop back and throw a 5 -10 yard hitch, out, drag or slant instead of running the ball.  Sack/QB hit, tipped ball, wrong route, INT, etc..  I may be biased by my extreme prejudice against the West Coast offense, but I don't want to see the Bucs get bitten in the butt by getting too cute. 

But wait, Craig... didn't Griese throw 67 times for over 300 yards against Chicago?  Didn't he lead the team to wins in 3 of 4 games before going down to injury? I guess so, but I give more credit to a turnover/field position machine (aka the defense).  Griese made several head scratching throws, air mailed some bad interceptions, and appeared to have the arm strength of Danny Wuerffel circa 1998.   Hence, welcome back, Mr. Garcia.  I've missed you.  While some ripped Garcia for one bad game against New Orleans (and, to be fair, we don't know what's gone on in practice either), the guy made the Pro Bowl last year and has a better arm than Griese, hands down.

Thus, the moral of the story is to run the ball early and often.  If you get stuffed, let your best QB, Garcia, drop back and make a play.  Dinking and dunking is not going to give you a good chance to win night in and night out.  This should be a 60/40 running team.