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Seattle Seahawks RB Julius Jones "Buccaneers D is Old"

Has it ever paid off in the history of sports to talk trash prior to a match-up and provide bulletin board material for your opponent? The Bucs very own LB in Rookie Geno Hayes said last year that he wanted to hit the Gators QB Tim Tebow and diminish his ability to run the ball. The Noles got throttled by the Gators (Tebow had two rushing touchdowns) and Geno finished the game with one tackle. Turn the page to now and the Seahawks (1-4) RB Julius Jones is providing Bulletin Board material leading into this weekend’s Sunday Night match-up. Here’s what he had to say about the Bucs defense:

"They’re smart players and what you have to do with those guys is kind of beat them athletically,’’ Jones said. "I know a couple guys are up there in age and that’s how we’re going to try to get around those guys, by beating them athletically." - Tampa Tribune

Um yeah, that’s probably not the best way to go about it there Julius. I think the boys (Kevin Carter, Ronde Barber, and Derrick Brooks) can get over you calling them old, but to say you are going to beat this defense athletically, oh sweet heavens. Your best bet is to hope nobody in the Bucs locker room caught wind of your comments…. Too late:

The Bucs Kevin Carter posted the quotes on the door leading into the Bucs Locker room. That sucks for you Julius and your fan base. There’s no point in riling up a defense that has yet to allow a 100 yard rusher or a rushing touchdown all season. Bad, bad move my man. The ‘Hawks are 4th in the league in yards per rush and 10th overall so they definitely present a serious challenge for this defense, but good luck with that Julius.

Speaking of the Florida Gators; I won’t insert a snide remark here although it pains me not too, Bucs WR Michael Clayton who went to LSU for college football has been seen sporting a Florida Gator jersey this week. Clayton lost a bet this past weekend with former Florida Gator Earnest Graham, Ike Hilliard, Kevin Carter, Larry Hoyt, the Bucs Equipment guy. Clayton on the embarrassing task:

"I made a little bet with Larry Hoyt, our equipment guy, and as you all know we got ran through pretty bad. I’ll be in this uniform for two days, and two days only, and I’ll probably burn it afterwards" - Tampa Tribune

And burn it you should Mike. I had to own up to a bet when I was younger by sporting a Jackson (#9) Florida Gator jersey for a week, horrible jersey, I can’t even remember the guys first name (Jack?), sad week that was.