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Tampa Bay Buccaneers to unleash 'Ring of Honor' next Season!!!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and more specifically The Glazer Family has finally gone and done it… The organization plans to unveil a Bucs ‘Ring of Honor’ next season to celebrate the team’s 30th Anniversary of the ’79 team that came within one win of the Super Bowl.

How great is that? The reasoning is kind of weak, the 30th anniversary of a team that almost went to the Super Bowl, haha. That’s not a weak reason, that’s a pathetic reason, but if that’s what it takes to finally incorporate a ‘Ring of Honor’ at Ray Jay then who the heck cares? This is huge news though, will they incorporate current players in the ‘Ring ‘ or is that blasphemous? Rich are you going to get a ‘Ring of Honor’ tattoo around your bicep? I guess I better run the remaining of my 'Ring of Honor' selection post prior to next season...