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Don't read this: Overly Optimistic and Jinx inducing

I’m not the type of fan to look ahead in the season and forecast what could or couldn’t happen; which is evident by the lack of content I provide on a weekly basis about each opponent we face. Looking at the schedule ahead I can’t help but think of the possibilities it could should provide:

Our remaining opponents combined record is, drum roll. . . (24-32). Big deal right? Let’s break it down then (CAUTION: If you believe in jinxes, the easter bunny, or fear the worst at all times, do not, I repeat, DO NOT read the rest of this post):

The Seattle Seahawks come to Raymond James Stadium with a record of (1-4), their Starting Quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck has already been ruled out for Sunday’s match-up. Their serviceable back-up in Seneca Wallace got hurt weeks ago and is not available. Our defense should have a field day with them. Redemption for the Season Opener last year is on the docket for sure. Throw in an Alstott halftime tribute and the Hawks have no chance Sunday (one would think anyway). Put one in the win column. Next,

We head to Dallas to face the Cowboys who are (4-2). Anybody remember that ass beating we took on Thanksgiving Day a couple years ago? That was embarrassing. That shouldn’t happen in two weeks. Starting QB Tony Romo is out with a broken pinky on his throwing hand. CB Adam ‘Pac Man’ Jones has been suspended for the next four weeks so he will be out to. Our defense should once again gobble up former Buccaneer in QB Brad Johnson. This game won’t be easy as that offensive line is ridiculous, Marion Barber is healthy, and the defense despite the loss of Jones isn’t too shabby. Still a tough game, but certainly winnable. Next,

The Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) on the road, don’t laugh they pose a serious threat in that ball park. The Broncos took care of us and the Chiefs took care of the Broncos, but nah we got that one in the bag. They’ll look to run the ball down our throats and there hasn’t been a single team this year that’s found success doing that. It’s obviously one of those upset special weeks, but the Buccaneers have an off week to follow so they should be focused on the match-up at hand. Moving on…

The Bucs finally enjoy their BYE WEEK. The Bye Week is a difficult opponent for players like Warrick Dunn on the roster; he’s probably already scheduled a simulated game for himself at Raymond James Stadium in which he will unleash a wrath of spin moves and juke moves on the unsuspecting field turf. Sabby Piscitelli will also show up practicing field goals, kickoff coverage schemes, and how to mimic Warrick Dunn’s effortless skills. No in all seriousness this Bye Week couldn’t come at a better time. It’s a perfect time for all involved to heal up for the battering ram that is:

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota ‘Only we can get away with wearing Purple’ Vikings (3-3). How many stout running backs can the Bucs face in a season? This will be the biggest test of the season from a run defense stand point. Don’t let Gus Frerotte fool you either, he can wing the ball, and it’s just a matter of his receivers holding on to the ball. This isn’t a gimme match-up as the previous three had lined up to be (due to injuries). I wouldn’t be shocked if we let this one get away from us despite the QB under center for them. Next,

We lost to an uninspiring Detroit Lions team last season, so it wouldn’t be a shock for that outcome to present itself again, wait, what am I saying, they are WINLESS to this point. The Bucs should win this game. It’s on the road though and in a dome, ugh, the season would end immediately should the Bucs lose this ball game. Mark it down, this is a must win ball game…

The next three ball games will seal our fate in the NFC South, how ridiculous is it that they are all back-to-back-to-back like that? Son of a micro machine. We could have won the opener against the New Orleans Saints (3-3) and I think we will finish the deed at home the second time around. The Carolina Panthers (4-2) looked like pure hell last weekend, but the game is on the road in a dome so that always factors into the equation. The Bucs won’t win by the wide margin they did in Tampa, but a win is certainly in the cards.

I am eagerly awaiting the rematch with the Atlanta Falcons (4-2). It’s the match-up I’m looking most forward to in the second half of the season. I know we clobbered them pretty good in Tampa, but they are growing from week to week and you know Rookie QB Matt Ryan will be better prepared for the onslaught that awaits him this time around. Should be a good match-up though, that I think we’ll win, but it certainly won’t be as easy a win as it was in week three.

Despite the San Diego Chargers (3-3) high powered offense, their Achilles heel is that defense and I think our defense can neutralize their offense, while our offense will find ways to have success against their defense while leading us to victory. Phillip Rivers will be frustrated all afternoon and mistakes will be forced. It’s a tough game to forecast should the Bucs sweep the 2nd half NFC South Competition and look to once again rest players, but it’s another winnable match-up.

The Oakland Raiders (1-4) are a piss-poor franchise and their football team reflects that. Our second stringers could win this game. That fan base deserves better and there’s no way the Bucs lose this game at home, it’s that simple.

Don’t get pissed at me if you think I jinxed the season or if you’re a fan of one of our opponents outlined above. I’m not saying the Bucs are destined for the Playoffs, I’m just pointing out how soft the road ahead appears to be. I understand this is typically something you think and do not say, muchless out loud, and so i apologize for that. The remaining schedule is very winnable (IMO), whether the Bucs can win the games they should win is another issue. We see teams every week winning ball games they have no business winning (Browns over the Giants, Rams over the Redskins, Chiefs over the Broncos, etc), so the potential for the Bucs to miss out on the Playoffs is there. I just had to point out that what was once considered a tough schedule now appears to be in our favor.