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The NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone...

The NFL's trading deadline came and went at 4pm est time today. Did the Bucs finally get that coveted Wide Receiver? No! Did they get a full back to relieve Earnest Graham from getting fewer reps? No! Never fear, the rest of the league didnt do much either and if the Bucs gave up what one team gave up, more than likely this fan base would be up in arms:

There was only one marque (?) player that got dealt across the entire league today and what a coup the Detroit Lions got for him. The Dallas Cowboys acquired Detroit Lions WR Roy Williams, no relation to Dallas Cowboys S Roy Williams. The return for Detroit? A 1st Round Pick, a 3rd Round Pick, and a 6th Round Pick in this summer's 2009 NFL Draft. Folks, that is Aqib Talib (1st Rd), Jeremy Zuttah (3rd Rd), and Geno Hayes (6th Rd) for a one Roy Williams. Oh the Lions also threw in a 7th round pick, the equivalent of RB Cory Boyd who the Bucs drafted and released this off-season. WOW. For a Receiver that was going to become a Free Agent in the off-season and was likely to never return to Detroit, the Lions made out. We'll get a good look at Roy in two weeks when we face off against the Romo-less Cowboys.

In other news, The Dallas Cowboys CB Adam 'Pac Man' Jones has been suspended by the league for at least the next four weeks for violating the NFL's conduct policy.

Does anybody else on the Cowboy's wish to bow out of next weekend's match-up with the Bucs? Feel free to disobey laws, rules, and injure one's self. I was really looking forward to the Playoff caliber test the Cowboys were going to provide. They still have weapons, but this league is QB driven... What a shame...