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Fantasy Football Recap: Is this thing on?

Fantasy Football Week #6 has officially ended. Let‘s jump right in and congratulate LinuxTX! Well done sir, for those who didn’t see it, LinuxTX defeated the once undefeated Ghosthippo by (.2) points this week. How cool is that? Ghosthippo actually had Antonio Gates playing in the Sunday Night Football match-up for the Chargers and it was on him to beat LinuxTX and he nearly did. That‘s why FLEAFLICKER is so dope. The kid got beat by (.2) points, that’s insane!!

Don‘t freak out folks although nobody is UNDEFEATED we do have a team that continues to be WINLESS! No, it‘s not The Bull Gator, though (1-5) probably feels like going winless. No, it‘s Stixx, in all fairness his starting QB was Tom Brady to start the year and so you know had his knee not got jacked up, Stixx would probably be laughing at us all, as it is though we‘re all laughing at him. I joke because I care Rich! For what was once a respectable league, there are now more underachieving teams then in week‘s previous. Yours truly owns one of those teams, as I‘m (2-4), but I CANT WIN ANY PRIZES ANY WAY so I‘m here for moral support or that’s my story to this point.

We probably ought to put some trades together to spice things up, for at least the bottom feeders in the league: JScott, Stixx, Linux, Bull Gator… Or we can wait… At any rate, update those rosters and I thank you for joining the Fleaflicker League brought to you by AOL’s Fanhouse. The league has been leaps and bounds more exciting than last seasons league… Good luck fellas!!!