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We barely knew thee: A look at the NFC South

NFC South Standings

Carolina 4 2 0 117 97
Atlanta 4 2 0 139 127
Tampa Bay 4 2 0 141 97
New Orleans 3 3 0 172 133

(updated 10.13.2008 at 4:02 AM EDT)

Rather than just spit my own personal venom about the other teams within the NFC South and their current standing, I thought I would allow our NFC South Bloggers who cover their respective teams let you know how their weekend's match-up went:

Canal Street Chronicles:
This one was a good one. Pure domination. The Saints were all business and steamrolled over a weak Raider team. Granted, this was a game they should have won...but we all know the Saints' record in those kind of games. Focus is good. Actually, the game went very quickly and was a little boring compared to last week's nail biter... Let's hope they keep it up for the rest of the year.

Cat Scratch Reader:
The Panthers put themselves in a hole early and never climbed out. I really want to blame Dante Rosario for that blocked punt that in my view changed the whole vibe of the game for the Panthers. Three blocked punts in six games, that ridiculous. But I know who is really to blame for this loss... Actually, its all my fault.

The Falcoholic:
4-2... Let that soak in for a minute. Say it, let it roll around pleasantly in your head like the marble you put in your ear when you were four years old. Exult in the Falcons this day.

Jaxon, don't be so hard on yourself, your expectations were certainly up there (140 yards rushing?), but nobody would have predicted the Toronto Argonauts would have high-jacked your team bus and taken the field in Panthers jerseys. Hopefully your team shows a pulse in the second match-up , because even Jon Gruden was wondering where the Offense was. Gold Dave, Great win. Obviously it was sitting in the win column prior to kickoff, but its those games that typically trip teams up (just ask the Redskins). Red Dave, your team is nothing but class and I couldn't be happier for your fan base. You guys deserve (4-2) after the hell you've been through. Good luck the rest of the way gents!!

If you're into spying on the competition, be sure to checkout their blogs: Cat Scratch Reader (Carolina Panthers Blog), The Falcoholic (Atlanta Falcons Blog), and Canal Street Chronicles (New Orleans Saints Blog).