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Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox ALCS MLB Playoffs

Tampa Bay Rays MLB Playoffs Boston Red Sox

I'll keep it short and sweet: The Tampa Bay Rays face the Boston Red Sox in MLB's ALCS Divisional Playoffs. I'm ecstatic that the Rays have made it this far, hopefully they can keep the season going. Head over to DRaysBay to discuss the game with R.J. and other die-hard fans just like him...

To keep tabs on all of the MLB Post-Season Match-ups head over to SBNation's MLB Post-Season Portal for all the discussions from the four baseball teams that remain in the Playoffs: Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Boston Red Sox.

Go Rays and damn you Omar for not getting the Mets into the post-season, okay i take it back, i still love you!!