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Update: Joey Galloway Wide Receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, remember him?


Gruden comments on Joey Galloways potential return this week:

"He had a good pregame workout. He goes out there before the game and my brother, Jay, threw him about a hundred balls, ran on different routes. I thought he felt better. There’s a chance he’ll give it a go on Wednesday. I would say he is questionable at this point for Seattle. It’s his former team, the team that drafted him. It’s probably a little incentive for him to go up against his former team, but I don’t know. I really don’t know. We will have to update you when we see him for real Wednesday." - Tampa Tribune

I hope he returns because he’s ready to return and it’s just a coincidence that he’s set to return against his former employer, otherwise I’d lose a bit of respect for the OLD White Tiger, like he gives two tiger pellets what I think of him, ha…

Lost amongst all of this bogus Quarterback controversy is the status and progress of our BEST WR in Joey Galloway. He’s been injured for what feels like an eternity. Here’s Gruden on his status:

"I don’t know. I sympathize with him, really. He’s got a difficult [foot] injury that’s lingered. He will recover from it; it’s just a matter of when that happens. He’s not ready to go. It’s not that he’s not tough; it’s not that he’s not trying; he just can’t let it go. He can’t run right now; it kills me, but that’s the way it is." - Tampa Tribune

That’s got to be the worst injury a Wide Receiver can have, a injury to his feet. That’s his bread and butter. Deion Sanders had to quit playing football due to a turf toe. Eddie George had chronic issues with his feet and turf toe. Even LaDainian Tomlinson has suffered from foot injuries. It’s not even the injury itself as it is the lingering effects of the injury. Like Gruden, the fan base is helpless, some call for Galloway to be cut, but that’s crazy talk. The guy’s been fairly injury free (for an old dude) since he’s arrived in Tampa. He should certainly be cut some slack. I just hope he returns so we can see that patented bicep-pose and of course the turtle neck, oh and his breakaway ability would be nice to have...