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Health Reasons: Pray to the Football Gods Buc Fans

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Superbowl back in 2002, since then Head Coach Jon Gruden has had to deal with a plethora of injuries. This year alone he had 14 Players on Injured Reserve, including Starting LT Luke Petitgout and Starting RB Cadillac Williams. Throughout his tenure Gruden has also watched injuries take hold of WR Joe Jurevicius, FB Mike Alstott, DT Greg Spires, LB Shelton Quarles, QB Chris Simms, QB Brian Griese, WR Joey Galloway, and CB Brian Kelly.

Despite those injuries, Gruden has given the Bucs Organization and its fan base (1) Superbowl Championship, (3) NFC South Championships, and (3) Playoffs appearances in Six years as the Bucs Head Coach.

There's a perception growing out there, that Head Coach Jon Gruden may be shown the door this off-season. This speculation has risen because several Offensive Assistants have yet to be re-signed to contracts (Offensive Line Coach Bill Muir, Receivers Coach Richard Mann, Running Backs Coach Art Valero and Assistant Line Coach Aaron Kromer).

To that, I say, you gotta be kidding me. Gruden finally gets his players to play hard for him and now we're thinking about letting the guy go? Hello? Did I just watch the same season unfold as the Glazers did? Gruden's team sustained the same amount of crippling injuries it always has and yet his team rallied and made it into the Playoffs. Sure they limped in and the division was as weak as it's ever been, but "Those are the breaks" .... I mean, scroll up and look at what he's done since he's been here. He bats .500 when it comes to making it to the Playoffs and that is with a less than stellar core group of Offensive Players.

At any rate, its time to pray Bucs Fans. We need to pray to the "God of Medicine", Roman God, Aesculapius:

To your upper right is, Aesculapius (say that three times fast).. Aesculapius in Roman mythology is the father of medicine; he grew up learning about the art of healing and eventually became a great physician. Zeus, the God of Thunder essentially killed Asclepius (with, you guessed it, a thunderbolt) because he could raise people from the dead. Injured Romans would dream that the god would come to them and prescribe cures for their illnesses. -

The point I'm vaguely trying to get across is that this team desperately needs to get healthy and STAY HEALTHY. What ever it takes. Sleep in incubators if you have too. FIRE the team conditioners, FIRE the General Manager who continues to bring in scrubs who can't hack it on the field. Imagine what a season full of healthy players could mean for Jon Gruden... Superbowl #2 for the Franchise? Gruden on his way out, give me a break.