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Random Quotes: Garcia, Gruden, Simms Oh MY!

"I'm sure Coach Gruden will go out and try to make this a stronger team on the offensive side," Garcia said. Later, he added, "I will be very hands-on this off-season and be involved in whatever it takes." - Bucs Beat

I hope he meant GM Bruce Allen, sheesh. I'm still on the fence with Bruce Allen and whether he is the right GM for this ball club. He's been straped by a lack of draft picks, but his Free Agent Signings leave alot to be desired. I'm excited as can be that Jeff Garcia will voice his opinions about who should be acquired during the off-season. You can rest assured that nobody in previous years under Gruden has had the nads to do such a thing.

"I pulled him out of the game," Gruden said. "Obviously, he was hurting. You could see it on the tape this morning. I think emotions flared. This is very important to him. He's played a long time and wanted a shot at a championship. He knows he's a key cog here and one of our big reasons why we have a chance every Sunday. I think emotions might have got the best of him" - Bucs Beat

If you missed it, Head Coach Jon Gruden and WR Joey Galloway didn't see eye-to-eye during Sundays Playoff loss to the Giants. Gruden took Galloway out in the 4th Quarter and told him he would not being bringing him back in. In which Galloway walked to the locker room with over 3 minutes left in the game. In one of the Scouting Reports I did about the Bucs, I pointed out should the Giants be able to jam Joey at the line and re-aggravate his shoulder injury, that he would be rendered pretty much useless. This scenario came to fruition Sunday. Once Galloway was no longer a viable option in the passing game, our offense immediately suffered. That must be corrected this off-season

"Everything felt normal," Simms said. "I almost cried. It was just a month ago, it was the first time I'd gone out there and not just lobbed it, but dropped back and threw with some authority. I can't lie to you. When I first went out there, I was like, 'Man, how is this going to go?' I was scared" - Bucs Beat

Tell me you didn't forget about QB Chris Simms!? He claims to be 100% again. I was pissed at QB Jeff Garcia for saying this in the off-season, but Simms can take a seat on the bench. I'm not sure he even has a roster spot with this team any longer. I mean, QB Jeff Garcia is here next year and possibly beyond, back-ups McCown and Gradkowski are both serviceable. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big time believer in Chris Simms, I'm just not sure the Bucs have the time or patience to facilitate his needs.

"He hasn't formally been offered anything," O'Hagan said Monday. "He's friends with some of the people in the organization" - Bucs Beat

Man, forget all the optimism this franchise has created this season should Former Oakland Raiders Head Coach Bill Callahan be given any title in Gruden's offensive staff. It's not that he hasn't had success in his career, its just that we need new blood, not Gruden's "Buddies" helping out on offense.

"It's broken," said June. "It's something where I'm going to go and they'll see what the problem is and go in and fix it. It should be a short rehab. It's unfortunately one of those things. It couldn't have been worse timing, but it's one of those things you can't control" - Pewter Report

We certainly missed LB Cato June during yesterdays Playoff loss to the Giants. He brings that extra presence on defense. He has a knack for positioning himself in the perfect place to disrupt passes. Add him to the long list of injured Bucs this season. GET HEALTHY WOULD YOU GUYS

"When it comes down to these games, it's not about coaching, it's about playing," Clayton said, "And it's obvious that they outplayed us today. They were the better team today" -

I wanted to end this post with a positive quote for our buddies over at Big Blue View.... its gonna be alright guys