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LB Barrett Ruud: Little Annoying Third-Down Conversions

So Tampa Bay Bucs LB Barrett Ruud pissed off a couple Giants Fans yesterday, namely our friends over at Big Blue View, Our New York Giants Blog. The quote that really set that group of fans off is as follows:

"He [QB Eli Manning] made those little annoying third-down conversions when he needed to," Ruud said. "If it was 3rd-and-8, he'd get eight-and-a-half yards. That was frustrating" - Bradenton Herald

Barrett's clearly just frustrated and honest when answering questions from reporters. I doubt Giants Fans care, but this is Ruud's first season starting at LB and his first Playoff game.

From a fans perspective it was frustrating, the Giants would be in a 3rd down situation and get just enough yardage to extend the drive. That is what good teams do and the Giants are a good team and a better team than that of the Bucs.

I wouldn't get too worked up about a frustrated players reaction immediately after the game... especially a young defensive player, who's yet to experience the frustration that comes with having an anemic offense on the other side of the ball. He'll learn.

And I know you guys up north would rather have the players true opinion (aka Shockey) than some cookie cutter response the organization has made him recite....

Any way Good Luck against the Cowboys, I think you guys might surprise them