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Plaxico Burress: What exactly are you TALKING about!?

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post conveys how Plaxico Burress has taken issue with Ronde Barber's most recent comments in the New York Post from Thursday and he's posted them up at his Locker. Plaxico took issue with the following Barber comment:

"Plax is kind of a special athlete. Not that he's overly fast or real, like Randy Moss, athletic, because that's just not his game. But he's a [beast] to deal with" Barber said. - New York Post

Plaxico highlighted those quotes, with a yellow marker, from the article (minus the part about him being a beast, which he is) and put them up at his Locker as Bulletin Board Material for his Teammates to read. Here's Plaxico's response to the comments:

"You got to love that type of stuff," Burress said. "I put it up so all my teammates can see what he thinks about me. All my teammates ask me, 'So what you gonna do?' Take it and we'll see what happens" - New York Post

I get it, he's pissed because Barber thinks he's not athletic or fast. Oh I get it until I read his next quote:

"I'd say the same thing but I'm always behind people," Burress said. "Randy's a good friend of mine, I always said he's the best receiver in the league right now. I'm just not as fast or athletic as him" - New York Post

So W A I T !, Ronde said "Not that he's real athletic or fast like Randy Moss", I'm paraphrasing of course. Then Plaxico says the same exact thing, "I'm just not as fast or athletic as him [Randy Moss]"... Yet Plaxico is taking issue with what Barber says, which to me, sounds like the truth seeing how Plaxico basically agreed to it with his own words. The comments up above show how contradictory Plaxico can be, but let's see how ignorant he can be as well, shall we? Here's his (back-at-you) comments to Ronde Barber:

"He's a good veteran guy, aggressive guy, jumps a lot of routes. I guess if this game was based off of speed, then I guess both of us wouldn't have been playing this long" - New York Post

See, this is where Plaxico gets stupid... Ronde Barber jumping routes and taking them to the house might I add, has everything to do with his athletic ability and SPEED!!!! You could have said something about his lack of height or his ability to get over powered and I would have agreed with you, but don't knock the abilities the man has OBVIOUSLY made a name for himself with. You just sound silly and dumb.