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Super bowl Sunday: Pay close attention to WR Randy Moss

Not that anyone has to be told this, especially Football Fans, but you may want to pay close attention to the Super Bowl on Sunday if you're a Bucs Fan. Not because the Patriots could go UNDEFEATED, not because the team who beat the Bucs in the first Round of the Playoffs could turn out to be Super Bowl Champions, and certainly not because of the ridiculous commercials that will run throughout the telecast. No, you should watch in order to keep a close eye on the one Wide Receiver the Bucs truly have a chance of signing this off-season: Randy Moss

Sure Randy's publicly talked about wanting to return to the Patriots. Sure Quarterback Tom Brady has said, wherever Randy Moss goes, I too will go. Sure, Randy Moss now has a primary residence in the Boston area. Plain and Simple, Randy Moss made 2.5 million this season. He will turn 31 years old in less than two weeks. He has one more shot at banking before he finishes his NFL Career. In steps Bucs GM Bruce Allen. Give it to Allen, he has a knack for signing Veteran (aka old) Players.

There's one problem, Randy Moss is still GOOD, but should Bruce Allen show him the money, I think Moss could be coaxed into coming to Tampa. After scoring 23 Touchdowns this season, its going to cost alot more than 2.5 mil to sign Randy Moss, are the Patriots and more importantly, the Bucs willing to do that? We'll see...