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Atlanta Falcons to CUT RB Warrick Dunn? Return to Tampa?

With the new Coaching Staff finally in place in Atlanta, there's increased chatter that former Bucs RB Warrick Dunn might get cut, as the new Coaching Staff wants to implement a Power Running game (Because that worked so well with T.J. Duckett). Warrick was asked about the possibility of being cut and what his options would look like:

"If I wasn't a Falcon and I went back to Tampa or played for coach [Tony] Dungy, it would be something that's full circle," Dunn said. "It's not what I'm hoping for and wishing for, but you never know" - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

To be honest, I would be tickled to have Warrick Dunn roaming the sidelines once again. I loved watching Warrick Dunn at Florida State and followed him to the Buccaneers in '96. I was pissed to see him go to the Falcons (what a bone-head move Rich) and it would be great to see Dunn return to Tampa and retire a Buccaneer. However, the competitive side of me wants no part of a Warrick Dunn reunion. I wish he never left, but the fact is Earnest Graham deserves to be on the field and once Cadillac heals up (and he will), he to should see the field. That leaves Dunn on the sideline where I'd rather not see him. McKay should have re-signed Dunn years ago, he and Alstott were a dynamic duo....