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Ronde Barber kicks the tires, er, the New York Giants


Ed from Big Blue View, our New York Giants Blogger, has put together a pretty hilarious Top 10 List of the things he and his fan base would love to see happen to Mr. Ronde Barber on Sunday, thankfully there were no death threats included. I personally enjoyed the following moments:

#9 - "Intercepts an Eli pass only to be tackled by Eli and fumble the ball back to the Giants. The Barber fumbling issue strikes again."

#5 - "With Eli scrambling (JScott editor's note: I like the sound of that), Barber comes up for the tackle. Instead of sliding, Eli stiff arms Barber, drops him to the ground, screams "How's that for Leadership?" at him and gains 10 more Yards"

You can checkout the rest of that creative list at Big Blue View. We all know Ronde takes interceptions to the ENDZONE, come on Giants Fans:

That's Proof in the pudding up above!! Hah. We also know Ronde goes low when he tackles the opposition, plus we all know Eli doesn't have the nads to stiff arm Ronde muchless anyone else on our defense... Good Stuff though

Tampa Bay Bucs CB Ronde Barber gave the New York Giants bulletin board material yesterday for the start of the Giants first practice in preparation for Sundays Playoff Game. The Smack Talk came from Barber's December 18th Sirius Satellite Radio Show with brother Tiki called "The Barber Shop". Here's what Ronde said:

"Of course we want to play the Giants. They [win] ugly, Shockey's hurt and Eli has been inconsistent" -

Ronde made the remark after Tiki asked him whether he'd prefer to face the Vikings or the Giants in the first round of the Playoffs. Do I wish Ronde hadn't said it, sure, but these teams were gonna play hard regardless. Were Ronde on Offense, I think he'd have to potentially watch his back, but nobody on the Giants offense is gonna go after Ronde. None of the Giants really took issue with Barber's comments:

"They haven't been winning so pretty, either. There's only one Patriots. That stuff doesn't really do anything for me." Brandon Jacobs said. -

"I guess it is [unusual]," David Diehl said. "Anytime someone gives you some bulletin-board material about your team, you notice it. It's about your team, so how could you not take it personally?" -

I'd love to hear Barber's show after the game!