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Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Underdogs against the New York Giants?

If you've paid any attention at all to the noise surrounding this Sunday's Playoff Game against the New York Giants, then you've heard the Bucs being labeled as underdogs. I'm sure you've heard that we hobbled our way into the Playoffs and that losing three of four to finish the season should render us hopeless against the Giants.

Doesn't it sound rather familiar? It should. It's what we've heard all off-season and throughout the regular season. Nobody took our chances serious except those close to the organization; i.e. players, coaches, fans etc.

That's fine with me. Let them think the Giants are set to man-handle us in Raymond James. I mean, obviously there's no way the Bucs Defense can stop Brandon Jacobs aka the Man Child. We might as well have limited ticket sales to those in the New York tri-state area only. As a matter of fact, maybe the Giants can spot us 10 points to start the game since we have no shot.

All I know is this: This Tampa team has gotten punched in the mouth several times this season. What did they do? They fought back, we're down to our 3rd String Running back and yet the Playoffs are ahead of us. I LOVE the pre-game hype, but at this point I'm ready for the game to begin.