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Battle Flags: Every Fan at the Game gets a Tampa Bay Bucs Playoff Flag

As if you needed any more incentives to attend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Opening Playoff Game against the New York Giants... The Organization is supplying every Fan who enters the Stadium with a Battle Flag:

These tattered Flags were used during the Bucs 2002 Superbowl Run and have ever since been a staple of Buccaneers Playoff Football. Bucs LB Derrick Brooks had the following to say about the Flags in the Stands:

"Let's make it loud; let's make it proud," said Brooks. "Let's wave those red and white flags and go out and get a victory. We need Buc's Fans to get their asses in the stands" -

Okay so Derrick didnt really say that last line up above, but if you're a Bucs Fan in the Tampa Area you really don't have a reason to not be at the game. Recent word is that the game WILL NOT BE BLACKED OUT and the Organization is less than 500 tickets away from a SELL-OUT - Bucs Beat