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Michael Pittman looking for more touches in '08

Free Agent RB Michael Pittman is asking his Super Agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to look for any opportunites that may exist for Pittman beyond Tampa reports the Pewter Report. Pittman would LOVE to return to Tampa, but if not, he's cool with that:

"I'd love to come back to Tampa. It would all depend on what my situation and role would be in the offense," said Pittman. "I wouldn't mind testing the free agent market. It all depends what teams are looking for out there. I love Tampa and I love my teammates. The fans are great. But it's really all about what situation is best for me. If Tampa really wants me here they'll do something that will keep me here. If not, it might just be my time to move on. I'll leave all of that up [to] Drew, Bruce Allen and Coach Gruden" - Pewter Report

I never really liked the Michael Pittman signing back in 2002. It had nothing to do with his character, I just didn't care for his style of running and still don't. He reminds me of (and it pains me to say it) Eddie George when he was on the back side of his career. One hit and he was on the ground or he would mysteriously trip and the play would be over before it started. I hope the Bucs move on and give Earnest Graham the carries he deserves and sprinkle in some Kenneth Darby touches AND giving the ball to B.J. Askew more often. I appreciate what Pittman brought to the table and wish him the best this off-season, but with Earnest, Darby, and a returning Cadillac (He will return), Pittman is no longer needed.