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Game Defining Moments: New York Giants BEAT New England Patriots in Superbowl XXXVII

In the NFL, the biggest Games are decided by the smallest details. Here's what I would suggest as the weekends most defining moment...

Brady's got a busted foot; Osi, Strahan, and Tuck will make sure that's a dislocated foot. Randy Moss has legal issues; Welker's not ready to do it on his own. The Giants have had the tougher road to the Playoffs: Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay, no really they have... Look for the G-Men to come out firing on all cylinders and to frustrate the Pats into DUMB penalties early (Rodney, Seymour, I'm looking at you)... Brady gets hurt in the second quarter and the Pats completely fall apart. The 72 Dolphins storm the field, canes, wheelchairs, and urine bags in all. The G-Men bring it home for NYC!!!!