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Bucs Beat: Quotes from Mike Alstott's Peers

The Bucs Beat and specifically Stephen Holder, did a phenominal job rounding up quotes from former and current teammates, coaches, and analysts from around the Football World about recently retired Buccaneer FB Mike Alstott. You just knew Chris Berman would have an opinion or two about the A-Train...

"Mike Alstott was a throwback warrior disguised as a modern day player. There is no question that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were truly in 'Good Hands with' Alstott" - ESPN's Chris Berman

"I hate to see the A-Train getting off the track, but in my mind, he's getting off the track in one piece. As hard as he has run the football and as many hits as he's taken, I'm very proud of the fact that he's getting out of this game and being able to walk around, play with his kids and enjoy his wife. I know it was a very hard decision to come to, but I thank God that he has made the decision and stuck with it." - Bucs Teammate LB Derrick Brooks

"We weren't a very talented football team in those days, but if it wasn't for him and his versatility - he really started and ended what we were offensively. He was just one of the great football players that I've been fortunate to play with throughout my career" - Former Bucs QB Trent Dilfer

"Mike was just such a special person and a special player for me because he was in our first draft class. There were so many spectacular three and four-yard runs that ended up being big plays for us and big touchdowns, but I guess the play that I will always remember was the touchdown he scored against Detroit in 1997 in our first playoff win to ice the game. It was so symbolic of Mike, a run up the middle, breaking three tackles and then having the speed to take it all the way" - Former Bucs Head Coach Tony Dungy

"I wish Mike all the best in the next phase of his life. He had a career that anyone would be proud of. I was blessed to have played with him for five years" - Former Backfield Partner RB Warrick Dunn

"he's a good and normal person who doesn't know he's a famous guy because he treats people right. A Pro Bowler and a good person--that's a good way to be thought of by your peers and your public" - Sports Illustrated's Peter King

"His name was often overlooked when you spoke of the leaders on the team because he was a quiet kid. But the way he lifted the entire stadium and the entire sideline with his play truly showed why he was one of the leaders. I remember that none of the defensive guys would ever want to sit down on the bench when our offense had the ball because we would want to see how many guys he would run over." - Former Bucs S John Lynch

"His play over the years stands by itself, in a league by itself. The kid played real good ball for a long time and you could always count on him. The time and the memories I have of Mike Alstott are so great that I don't even consider him a teammate. I consider Mike Alstott family" - Former Bucs DT Warren Sapp

Once again, fantastic job Bucs Beat aka Stephen Holder!! Head on over there for more quotes.