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Buccaneer headed to Honolulu after all

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jeff Garcia is headed to the Pro Bowl says the Tampa Tribune. He'll take lord [Brett] Favre's spot in the Pro Bowl as the 3rd String QB. No Brett's not injured, he's just electing not to play.

Forgive me if you can't hear me shouting from the roof tops... Of all the Big League All-Star Games, this has to be the most pointless of them all. I understand the logic behind having this game at the end of the season due in large part to injury concerns, but whats the point if players are going to sit out, justified or not? Bud Selig receives a bunch of grief for the way he handles Major League Baseball, but his All-Star game is relevant and a MUST SEE... It's good to see a Buc finally land on the roster though