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Bored? Give Guitar Hero a Try....

I'd never steer you away from frequenting this site, but in the event that you become bored this off-season; I highly recommend you dusting the PS2 off (I'm convinced nobody can afford a PS3) and go to your local Target, Wal-Mart, or GameStop and pick up Guitar Hero. The wife got me the Guitar Hero III Bundle from Target for $80+ for XMas and its been an addiction ever since.

If you've ever picked up a guitar and immediately received a headache for attempting to strum it, the video game version is just for you. I honestly don't have a taste for the Older Rock that is featured in the game, but I can't put the guitar down. Plus there is some newer material sprinkled in (aka Slipknot) that keeps me busy. The only advice I would give, is to start the game on Medium (after doing the tutorials of course). Starting on Easy gave me a blind confidence that just disintegrated once that fourth bottom was implemented into the game. And no I've yet to attempt the game on its highest level .... Medium is tough enough.