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Bucs Mike Alstott to announce Retirement?

... UPDATE...

It's official Mike Alstott has said his final goodbye to the Bucs and the NFL... Be sure to checkout the YouTube Videos below. They depict Mike in classic form. is reporting that Franchise FB Mike Alstott is expected to announce his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL tomorrow in a scheduled News Conference.

For a plethora of Fan insight on Fullback Mike Alstott, be sure to check out Give Mike the Ball, a fan site dedicated to the Fullback's career. It should be interesting to see if ESPN allows Chris Berman to jump on the panel tomorrow and give Alstott ado. He clearly enjoyed his career, as did every single one of us. If you have YouTube Videos or thoughts, feel free to post them here and I'll put them within the front page!!

Video via Niko521

Video via Shark67

Video via HeyTampa

Click here to check out Spazpatches Mike Alstott Tribute... the final 8 seconds of the Video is worth the wait...