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Inside Look: Kentucky WR Keenan Burton through A Sea of Blue's Eyes

I was lucky enough to catch up with Kentucky Wildcats Blogger, Glenn, from SBNation's A Sea of Blue to talk about potentional Tampa Bay Bucs Draft Pick, WR Keenan Burton. There's no better place to get inside information (in my opinion) than going stright to the fan base that watches its players 24/7. Without further ado, here's Glenn's take on Kentucky Wildcats Wide Receiver Keenan Burton:

I think Keenan Burton would be a great addition to any pro team. Here is a quick SWOT analysis for you:


Keenan was a quarterback in high school, so he understands the game very well from the other side of the passing game Burton is a good route runner who has excellent timing and will wind up where the quarterback expects him to be He has excellent speed and athleticism, although he doesn't have blazing speed. At 6'2", he is at the lower end of the prototype for the NFL, but he is very long and can really get up in the air. Burton also played safety in high school, so he knows what DB's think. Keenan has great hands for a former safety, is as tough as they come, and doesn't mind contact.

Keenan studies the game. He reviewed more tape than anyone on the team, even some of the coaches, and it was axiomatic with him that he would know his opponent's tendencies every game. Burton is very shifty after the catch, and tends to turn short gains into big plays. He returned kickoffs for the Cats as well as playing WR, and he was our best kick returner. He has a knack for finding seams and the athleticism to exploit them.


Today's NFL receivers tend to be a little bit bigger and faster. Keenan's body type is less durable than some. Long legs can be targets for injury on Sunday.

Keenan can occasionally blow routes, probably no more so than anyone else, but I remember a few from last season. He runs routes very precisely, but he occasionally loses focus.


Burton is one of those players who will set the standard for effort on any team. He can make others afraid not to follow his example. Keenan loves to apply his brain cells to any problem. That can be contagious, and is usually good.

Leadership is a big part of Burton's psyche from his days as "Iron Man" at Louisville DuPont Manual High. He understands the game as well as anyone.


Burton has suffered from nagging injuries this year, and hasn't been 100% all year long. How durable is Keenan on Sunday against the size and abruptness of the NFL? Is Burton fast enough to beat professional DB's consistently? Is Burton strong enough to fight off professional DB's and hold the ball under contact from pro linebackers? How much room to improve does Keenan have?

Good luck, I hope he winds up with the Bucs, I think it would be a good spot for him.