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Bucs Beat: DE Gaines Adams to hit the Weights

Although DE Gaines Adams had a pretty respectable Rookie Season finishing with 6 Sacks, 38 Tackles, and 2 Forced Fumbles, the Bucs Beat reports Gaines is ready to hit the Weights. Here's Gaines on attempting to make, Gains, in the off-season:

"I have a lot more room for improvement [this offseason]", Adams said. I'm going to get in the weight room and get stronger. It's only going to help me. It's going to help against the run if I get a lot stronger. And it will definitely help me out in the pass rush, too" - Bucs Beat

Gaines definitely needs to hit the weights hard. During his NFL Draft Workouts last year, he looked more like a Wide Receiver than an NFL Defensive End, especially when standing beside fellow Rookie Amobi Okoye of the Houston Texans. Whats very exciting is the fact that Gaines got better as the season progressed (that may have to do with him FINALLY STARTING). He didnt seem to wear down at all though.

If Gaines is looking for teammates to work out with, I would suggest LB Quincy Black and Safeties Tanard Jackson and Jermaine Phillips. Quincy has the BIGGEST ARMS on the team, sorry Pittman, and Tanard/Jermaine deliver the absolute hardest hits. I would tell Gaines to workout with Michael Pittman, but nah...