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Make or Break Off-Season for Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Bruce Allen

The Bucs Beat is reporting that GM Bruce Allen is publicly hopeful that QB Jake Plummer will join the Bucs this upcoming season; he even goes so far as to say that Plummer got a good glimpse at the Bucs this year and that he should be intrigued enough to come play for the Bucs.

Call me crazy but just maybe Bruce should FORGET Jake Plummer and start moving on to more pressing and REALISTIC needs, like Re-signing Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin, trying any way possible to trade for a noteworthy Wide Receiver, and getting depth for the Offensive Line.

In a few weeks the Bucs will go to court and try to recoup 7 million in damages from said QB Jake Plummer.... what a joke this continues to be. Move on already, the fan base has...