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Dear GM Bruce Allen: Trade for WR Chad Johnson immediately, That is all...


Josh from Cincy Jungle, our Cincinnato Bengals Blog, had the following to say in terms of what it would take GM Bruce Allen to pry WR Chad Johnson away from the Bengals:

"Draft picks. With age on the front line and an assortment of B-list players at linebacker, a complete overhaul on defense is needed. The interesting assumption is that Head Coach Marvin Lewis is using key phrases like 'blow this thing up' or 'start from the ground up'. [In terms of Draft Picks], I'm expecting a second round pick.

If Chad MUST go with no chance of playing with the Bengals in 2008, then they'll take what they can get. If he doesn't, and pipes down and lets things play out, then the Bengals will milk it. Then again, our front office isn't necessarily the genius types either. But it depends on how the front office views the situation. With that said, there's really no feeling of urgency to let Chad Johnson go, right now.

Thanks for the perspective Josh... If a 2nd Round Pick is all it would take, Bruce Allen would be a crazy man not to jump on that. I'd give up our 1st Round Pick if it meant getting Chad Johnson in the Pewter and Red.


Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson was recently featured on Mike & Mike in the Morning aka ESPN Radio. During that feature, Chad expressed his displeasure in Cincinnati:

"I was labeled selfish and a cancer, and it hurt," Ocho Cinco said. "Fingers were pointed at me this year. If the team and the organization wants to further itself, I think you need to get rid of the problem. It hurt me. To do me that way and not to have my back. Things were said, and nobody came to my defense"

Dear G.M. Bruce Allen,

Acquiring WR Chad Johnson would go a long way in proving your case for remaining this teams GM. Trading for Johnson would tell the players and fan base that you are OFFICIALLY serious about making the Playoffs an annual thing.

I know there's this whole, Keyshawn Johnson esque perception going around about Chad Johnson, but the guys gone over 1,000 yards six years running. I think winning and a change of scenery would work wonders for Ocho Cinco. Add QB Jeff Garcia to the mix and its nearly a no brainer. Between Joey Galloway and Chad Johnson, somebodies going to get the ball, in other words, the opposing defense will have to pick its poison.

Forget staying safe and drafting a WR in the 1st Round of the upcoming Draft, you should have done that LAST YEAR. There isnt a Wide Receiver in this Draft that will take our Offense to that Next Level like Chad Johnson would.

Come on Bruce, d e l i v e r ! Thank you!

- Signed This Bucs Fan