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Warren Sapp Calls it Quits....

You can stop smiling, Buc 'Em is NOT shutting it down. Former Bucs DT Warren Sapp is however. He announced his retirement last week during the Bucs Playoff Run. If you head over to his Web Site QB Killa you will see the words that you see up above, which is UNLIKE Warren. He always had something to say while he played for the Bucs.

I was looking for the Warren Sapp - Mike Sherman confrontation on YouTube, but I had NO LUCK, so I've posted the next best thing below:

Video via DRubenW from YouTube

I could careless what ESPN or the Hall of Fame would lead you to believe. I'll always remember Warren Sapp as a great player and one of the most fiery players I've ever seen take the field. This type of Character has been MISSING ever since Sapp left and we have to find a way to get that type of attitude back on our Football Team. I think we have that type of guy on Offense in QB Jeff Garcia, but the Defense certainly lacks that type of personality. LB Cato June can be that guy, but he's got to bring it like Sapp did before anyone pays attention to him.