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Bucs Beat:: Why are Tickets not SOLD OUT yet?

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Man I hate when I'm wrong, especially in a public forum like this, but I couldn't let you folks think Vivid Seats was the only place to get cheap tickets. As it turns out, a reader, named Joe, pointed out that DOES PROVIDE THE CHEAPEST TICKETS AT $110 a Pop for the second level. That is the cheapest ticket for the 2nd Level that I have seen, but I'd still shell out the extra $10.00 to get on the 1st Level. It's your call though!!

There's certainly no reason why these tickets shouldnt be sold out!!

The Good Folks from the St. Pete Times via the Bucs Beat are questioning why Tampa Bay Buccaneer PLAYOFF Tickets have yet to sell out!! They even go so far as to suggest a possible BLACKOUT for the viewing area on Sunday (not going to happen).

I'll tell you why tickets arent selling... It's because they're ridiculously priced. If you go over to right now and try to get some tickets for Sundays Playoff Game, the cheapest they come is for a cool $250.00 a piece and thats for second deck tickets on the 20 yard line!!! Or if you're feeling froggy you can pay $545.00 a piece for tickets on the 50 yard line in the second deck. I think I'll tune into Fox, thanks though! Is it really a shock that these tickets ARE NOT SELLING?

Below I've provided links to tickets that are reasonably priced in the $120-$150 per ticket range (their in the endzones of course, but in the lower level and at least you're not mortgaging your future to see the ball game up close):

Coast to Coast Tickets - Cheapest $123.00
Ticket City - Nothing but Nose Bleed for $115-$182 yikes
Ticket Solutions - Cheapest starts at $150
Vivid Seats - Cheapest at $120
Cheap Premium Tickets - Cheapest at $153
Barrys Tickets - Cheapest at $126
RazorGator - Cheapest at $151
Ticket Liquidator - Cheapest at $121
ABC Tickets - Cheapest at $150
Go Tickets - Cheapest at $155
TickCo - Cheapest at $143
Online Seats - Cheapest at $126
Ticket King Online - Cheapest at $139.95

Click here to view the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium Seating Chart. It appears from up above that Vivid Seats is your cheapest bet at $120 per ticket in the lower level. You really shouldnt expect to pay less than that for Playoff Tickets. I would suggest , but me and a couple buddies got burned one time on FSU-UF Tickets (We were supposed to pick them up when we got in town, the girl had sold them to somebody else and tried to pawn nose bleed seats on us), so I'll never EVER get tickets off , there's just too many loop holes.