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Thoughts on the Game .... Let the frustration begin

Rookie Tanard Jackson looked great today ...... a lot better than Will Allen who missed several tackles when in the game

I was giddie watching QB Jeff Garcia in that first half, too bad the OLine had to stomp on that excitement .... Garcia at the very least suffered a Mild-Concussion .... Welcome to the Bucs Offense Jeff!

Gaines was rather quiet other than helping Jermaine Phillips record a sack, but he wasn't on the field the entire game either, sooo

The Defense looked good Overall, but once your Starting RB & QB go out, its hard to get up for the remaining play, especially when McCown comes in flat, coupled by the horrid Offensive play (fumbles like a mother)

CB Brian Kelly looked GREAT up until he tweaked his groin, hopefully its nothing that will linger.

In the first half the announcers claimed that TB was playing better than people expected. It's a shame the media doesn't dig just a little bit into teams backgrounds and previous seasons records and why they may have turned out the way they did.

Hopefully MONTE KIFFIN makes the Safety cover the RB/WR rather than the LB in future instances. Derrick Brooks and Barrett Ruud both got taken to the cleaners by quicker skill positioned RBs and WRs ..... Simply Put: LB's shouldn't be covering RB-WR down the field by themselves .... Put Tanard over there, quick, fast, and in a hurry

The announcers let it be known that "Everything is alright in Seattle" .... basically insinuating that the Seahawks took care of business and are running on all cylinders. It's kind of hard not to be "alright" when the opposing teams starting RB and QB are out of the game and the O-Line is letting every Defensive Player get to the QB like he's hosting a Free-for-All buffet ..... whatever though

I feel for Head Coach Jon Gruden, I really do. It's hard to have any success when your starting QB is getting his entire body ripped apart (Simms stop chucklin'). Granted had Gruden gone to the SHOTGUN just a little bit earlier, like before Garcia got his lights knocked out (at times I saw flash backs of Simms' Carolina Game, Garcia took Hit after Hit, my goodness), that may have prolonged this teams chances. They might as well throw Garcia into a cooler of ice and stuff him in the luggage compartment of the team's jetliner to Tampa.

I figured we would start slow and said as much in my Season Preview, I just didn't think the Football Gods hated us enough to send our Starting RB and Starting QB to the locker room in our first Game of the season.

If we can get healthy (its frustrating to even type that comment) and get the Offensive Line to gel together, we may have a decent season ahead of us ...... I'm reaching for HOPE folks. Put your hard hats on Buc Fans.